Microsoft will double your free OneDrive storage if you auto-upload photos

logo_onedrive2014_heroMicrosoft has been rather generous with free OneDrive storage lately, and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. Now Redmond is bumping the previous gratis 15GB up by 100 percent, to 30GB. Read more…

The 7 things you should check before you buy a speaker

speakers-01editIndisputably, the best way to test a speaker before you buy one is to listen to the sound it produces.

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Galaxy S smartwatch – Swarovski crystal edition

swarowsky smart watch

Samsung has announced a version of the Galaxy S smartwatch that comes dripping in Swarovski crystals. So now you really want one, right?


Reddit’s New App Lets You Read AMAs On Your iPhone

redditReddit’s AMAs (Ask Me Anything) are the one of the best things about the network. But let’s face it: Reddit isn’t the world’s prettiest website. The learning curve is fairly steep. Clearly, Reddit thinks so too, because it has now released a rather good-looking app to read and participate in AMAs.

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The creepy Google Glass app that measures human emotions

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